Personal Reflection

1. One of the most extensive goals I would like to achieve in my life is starting a charity fund that will supervise children with musical talent, who do not have money to study art. There will be definitely both positive and negative issues on the way to achieve this goal connected with macroenvironment.

The work of a charity fund that is connected with children is strictly regulated by the government. The organization goes through multiple checks and the administration needs to have various documents that allow communicating with minors. Though, total control prevents the organization from serious failures and makes the administration pay precise attention to the fund functioning.

From economical point of view, the charity fund is a non profit organization and is based mostly on voluntary donations and help of people. It the economical situation in the country has much to be desired, citizens will not think about donating to the charity, because they do not have money themselves. It is problematic to predict changes in the economic system, which makes the deal complicated to realize.

The fund will work with children and teenagers, who are still studying. That is why the organization will need new educational gadgets. The peculiar thing about modern technologies is that they change quickly and have a tendency to break often. These two aspects are closely connected with economical state of things in the organization. However, it is impossible to imagine good education without using the latest possibilities the progress gives. Without it the work of the fund will be not effective.

Another important macroenvironmental factor that has a great influence on the work of charity fund is demographics. The decrease of birth rate will make the fund for children less needed by the society. However, the increase of economical situation will also make it unnecessary, because all families will be able to provide their talented children with good education. Even though this description of risks connected with charity fund seems to be cynical, I do not think that the state of things will change so greatly during my life. That is why the charity fund for musically talented minors will be still an urgent idea.

Social issues are crucial in the case of starting a charity fund. It is impossible to create this kind of organization without thorough support of the society and their active participation. The destiny of the fund will be in the hands of people and mass media, and it can create both positive and negative reputation. In addition, mass media will be an efficient way to control the work of the organization. Even though there seem to be many difficulties on the way to achieve my goal, the idea is quite complicated and altruistic to be called a life destination.

2. Lack of motivation is one of the greatest problems I have. Some people know what they want to do, but are too lazy to start working. I have no problems with time management, though the absence of a high and complicated point to go to is depressing. There are no unexplored lands left in the modern world and I will not become a famous pirate or discoverer. Even though the unoriginal life plan “finish school – graduate from university – get married – bring up three children – die” is not extremely optimistic, there are ways to change the situation.

The first alternative solution to overcome the apathy is active self-education. The mankind created a great number of chef-d’oeuvres started from ancient times. History, philosophy, literature, art and foreign languages will broaden my worldview and it might lead to appearance of new original ideas. It is impossible to create something new, if there is no knowledge about what is done before. It seems like attempts to build a house on the swamp – it will drown soon. In addition, this initiative is obligatory for every intelligent person that does not want to procrastinate all his/her life, watching TV.

Another alternative solution I am planning to choose is starting to write a diary and doing physical exercises. The diary will help me see what is done and what should be done in the nearest future. It is also a good training in expressing the thoughts logically and correctly. This structure might become useful in overcoming depression and lack of ideas, because it simplifies intellectual chaos. Physical activity is the indispensable part of every mind therapy. It is an effective way to become fit and strong. The psychological health is closely connected with the physical one.

It is unnecessary to make the choice between these four ways to solve the problem of procrastination. All these measures should be taken at once and regularly. Only then the results will be evident. Even though I understand perfectly what the problem is, and how the situation should be changed, I do not feel confident enough to start it. I say to myself every evening that I will start tomorrow, but this “tomorrow” never comes.

However, I know one effective way to stop this uncertainty. The first thing that needs to be done is telling all relatives and friends that I am starting a self-improvement campaign. The manifestation should also include Facebook and twitter messages. After this it will be nearly impossible not to begin learning foreign languages, history and doing exercises, because people will be asking how it is going. It is good to post results or interesting observations n the social media daily. All in all, people are spending too much time for writing unoriginal posts on these resources, so why not make this “routine” creative. The results might be striking, because this self-improvement campaign might become popular and other people might begin doing it too. Creating a new trend is really an idealistic aim I would like to achieve.

Ready to start?