Fast Food Brand

Target Market

Name: My Montmartre.

Age: is not important.

Location: anywhere in the street.

Lifestyle: intellectually active.

Special Interests: art, history, cuisine.

Income Level: is not significant

Self-image: hipster.


Fried chestnuts are cooked on large pans with the holes. It takes approximately five minutes to prepare them on the open flame. Chestnuts are mixed with small stones, which creates a bohemian atmosphere of old Europe. Fried chestnuts combine perfectly with mulled wine on cold autumn evenings.

Brand Identity

This product is associated with the image of the company of French decadent artists and poets in of the end of the 19th century. They are warming their hands with fried chestnuts and talk about revolution in art. It is possible to suppose that consumers of the product will be romantic enough to appreciate the street fast food with long history. The atmosphere of preparing fried chestnuts in the street might reaffirm them in the originality of their choice. The brand gratifies the desired self-image of the hipster audience by using allusions to history and being vintage.

The brand strategy will play on the desire of the target audience to stand out from the crowd and their romanticism. The product will communicate to the desire of the customers to be original. It does not remind McDonalds and is far from the mass culture.

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