American Government and Politics Today: Essentials. Chapters 7-9

Chapter 7

I would like to participate in an interest group that considers ethical treatment of animals (PETA). The issue is quite urgent in the modern society that is why both indirect and direct techniques to influence government are justified.

The most effective direct way of influence is providing information to legislators. Without it otter methods will be unreasonable. However, if the first method does not give desirable results, it is possible to start an indirect campaign. PETA deals with poor animals, that suffer because of cruel people, that is why it is not difficult to manipulate public sentiments.

If a civilized indirect method of influence does not work as expected, it is possible to start using unconventional ways of applying pressure. For example, the members of PETA can start a demonstration near the White House. The public events like this should be accompanied by vivid descriptions of cruelty towards animals, demonstration of heir weakness, fear and innocence. The entity of these three methods of influence, repeated several times, might give good results.

Chapter 8

A certain interest in the political life of the country is one the main characteristics of a conscious citizen. However, theoretical interest should have empirical justification as well. That is why I decided to create a plan of become an active participant of the process by joining the Democratic Party.

The first essential thing is getting started, that is why a “newly born” politician has to run for nomination in the public office of the Party. This way to master the peculiarities of political life gives important experience of leading an electoral campaign and communicating with people. The interaction with other members of the society gives a full view about the situation in the country. Perhaps, analyzing existing problems and different view points might help in finding an optimal solution.

The second active way to participate in the political party is serving as an election judge. The most important his/her responsibility is to control the work of polling centers. Election judge sees the process of elections from inside, that is why it might be an important experience.

The last method of participating in political life of the country is talking about politics everywhere. It is possible to do it in the restaurant with friends, on Facebook page and on the street with the neighbors. This kind of propaganda might make speaker even out of an extremely shy person.

Chapter 9

The mass media is one of the most important components of political success in the US. Some of the media functions are crucial in forming the public viewpoint. It reports the news, identifies the problems and provides political discussions. However, the news can be reported in various ways, depending from the aim. The fact can be simplified or discussed only from one point of view. The form of the reportage can make an emphasis on certain issues and avoid mentioning counter-evidences.

The mass media is often accused of being subjective. It is not difficult to find programs that can be accused of liberal bias. The media often supports the current or the most perspective political part, because this approach will increase their watch rate and popularity. This makes the political discussion not as independent and thorough as it could be.


Barbara A. Bardes, Mack C. Shelley, II, Steffen W. Schmidt. (2011 – 2012). American Government and Politics Today: Essentials

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