Functional Behavior Assessment Summary

Summary of Findings

The results of the conducted behavior assessment showed that Maddy Lee (10 years old) has problems with discipline and defiance that are characteristic to Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and should be treated. These behaviors occur at home with Maggy’s parents, at school with teachers and classmates and in free time with friends, as the assessment tools indicated. It is recommended to write a behavior program to cope with excessive aggression.


Maggy Lee showed her target behavior often during assessment and observation period. She loses her temper, screams and throws things she finds nearby into everyone whom she dislikes. Maggy can not cope with critique; she also can not make herself study something that causes problems. For example, she refuses to speak in French to her mother, because her mother corrects her pronunciation. Maggy is an active girl, but she suffers from allergies and asthma, so is incapable of competing with other children in sports. When she tries to do it, she often has bad results and starts to show her negative behavior. Maggy considers bad results to be a failure and so she refers to sports as being “stupid”. The girl looses her temper every time someone gives her directions.

Maggy lives with both of her biological parents, who try to cope with her problem. She has a separate bedroom, bathroom and playing room, so she is not used to share space and things with other people. A therapist who works on this case should give detailed instructions to Maggy’s parents of positive parental techniques. They should also be offered to visit a mental health professional with their daughter.


The treatment period should be long enough and regular to cope with behavioral problems. It needs to consider two evidence-based types of therapy like individual approach and parental management. The treatment should be based on teaching the girl to solve problems without aggression. The parental coaching implies supervision that is appropriate for the child’s age and discipline techniques. The therapist should develop a program of treatment where the results will be noted. That will help to generalize the results of treatment and motivate both parents and child that they succeed in achieving the goals. It will become a positive experience or Maggy and will help her gain confidence in herself.

Medical Necessity

Medication can be used to reduce the negative impact of mood disorders. Maggy is prescribed Advair, because she is asthmatic. She also takes Singulair to cope with allergic reactions. Maggy’s health appears to be a strong concern both for her parents and for a therapist, because her aggressive behavior partly depends upon it.

Service Recommendation

It is strongly recommended for Maggy Lee to start working at her physical health first. Regular easy exercises with her parents will improve her health, make her calmer and will not lead to failures. In addition, she needs to work with a behavior analytic regularly to learn how to cope with aggression. Maggy also needs a clear subordinate system at home, so that she will understand that temper tantrums are not the right way to get desired things.

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