Clash of Cultures

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Clash of Cultures

Complete the grid by describing the characteristics of three groups of peoples: Native Americans, colonists, and West Africans.

Native Americans

Northern Colonists

Mid-Atlantic Colonists

Southern Colonists

West Africans

Economic Structure

Hunting, gathering. Fur trade, agriculture, fishing, hunting. None.

Political Structure

Council of Elders ruled each of the tribes. Government, hybrid of English common law and religious law. Slavery.

Social System

Tribal. Polygamy. Young age of marriages. Colonial. Traditional nuclear family. Communal.

Cultural Values

Sense of community, love for nature. Democracy, dissemination of Christianity, economical success, wealth. Sense of community, love for family.


Animism, worshiping nature and spirits. Christianity, Protestantism, Anglican separatists. Islam and Christianity.

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