Sociology Assignment 1: Tests

A concept of intelligence can be operationalised by using variables like GPA (Grade Point Average ), SAT score (Scholastic Aptitude Test), IQ (intelligence quotient), and other standartized tests. Human intelligence is also measured by such categories like consciuosness, volition, self-awareness and perceptive abilities. Intelligence is an abstract and subjective category, which makes it difficult to be measured. It is actualized in the ability to solve problems, to understand ideas, to use the language correctly.

Aggresiveness is operationalized by the frequency and speed of showing aggressive conduct. It is possible to observe this caategory in particular stressing situations, for example, in new circumstances. People might have various issues that disturb them, so the aggressiveness depends upon numerous personal characteristics.

It is possible to measure masculinity in the level of male’s hormone, testosterone. It is known to influence criminality, assertiveness and agression in people. Though, the set of qualities that is characteristic to a man depends upon numerous circumstances. For example, the ideal man varies depending on the national culture, social class and epoque. Among the workers masculity will mean being strong, flegmatic and assertive. In the artistic circles this concept will mean being creative, talkative, popular and well-dressed.

It is possible to measure religious commitment be the frequency of made decisions based on the religion. For example, the person might keep silence in the stressing situation when it is possible to start the conflict not because the person does not feel agression. The reason might be that he/she restrains the temper in honor of God. It is also possible to measure this concept in the number of monthly visits to church, though it is an ironical comparison. This is also a very subjective category that is difficul to operationalize.

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