Persuasive Speech Essay Outline


A. Attention device

Recently, I have thought about the gap between contemporary scientific progress and lifestyle of an average American. When scientists explore the open space, the majority of us scroll Facebook and try hard not to allow progress penetrate our lives. When it is possible to store a million of books in one e-reader, many people prefer their paper analogues.

B. Relevance

The problem of using paper books instead of e-books is both ideological and practical. People hold the past and create a vintage cult of re-written manuscripts.

C. Specific purpose

An attempt to prove why e-books are better than printed editions will be undertaken in this speech.

D. Central idea

I will discuss convenience, price and emotional background both of e-cooks and printed books in order to show that there is no need to complicate your life without need.


I. There are several crucial disadvantages of traditional books, which is their availability, high price and poor readability.
A. Poor availability of traditional books is in the top list of its disadvantages.
1. It is problematic to take several books when you travel a lot, they are heavy and difficult to carry on the back, while you can have a big library on your e-reader.
2. Not all books are available in printed version and it takes much time to find it in bookstores. In that time you can download even a scanned book that a person in another country possesses in the only variant on e-reader.
B. Printed books cost more than their e-versions.
1. In the printed book you pay for everything: paper, promotion, work of publishers, and cut trees. E-book has a reduced cost because it does not require such investments.
2. When you buy a novel by Hugo, you do not pay copyright fees to the author. You pay the publishing house that decorated printed books, but the text itself is free to download and to read.
C. Readability of printed books is rather poor.
1. It is impossible to change fonts, which is a problem for those who have bad eye-sight.
2. It is problematic to read a printed book, carrying it in one hand, while e-reader is very light.
II. Printed books are considered to create a status.
A. Buying books to look like an intellectual is pathetic.
1. No one proved that full bookshelves increase IQ.
2. It is necessary to read the books, not to collect them.
B. Printed media seems to have a “soul”.
1. The soul depends upon content, not covering.
2. It is a subjective category.
C. People create a cult of reading the “real” printed book.
1. It makes me think of ancient times when having a library was prestigious. It is a sign of bad taste. 2. The cult fights with the progress.


A. Restatement

E-books have more advantages than printed books, because it is a technological step forward from manuscripts.

B. Summary

Printed books are less available than e-books, they cost more and difficult to read. In addition, they are heavy to carry if you travel or move to another house. Creating a cult out of printed letters is a bad taste, because it is better to read and to be intelligent, than to collect books and to seem intelligent.

C. Closure

No one thinks that reading letters on stones makes you feel the soul of books. Printed books were an innovation many centuries ago, just like e-readers now. Stones, paper or e-ink are nothing but ways to convey ideas, and switching to a more convenient device is natural.

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