​Prevention of Juvenile Deliquency Outline


  1. Introduction
  2. There intervention programs that are implemented nowadays can be divided them into those that are applied after the delinquent behavior occurred and into those that try to prevent the antisocial behavior before it has fully developed.

    1. There are four main factors of risk that determine the delinquent behavior: family, individual, peer, and school and community risk factors.

    2. Positive factors, such as ability to talk about the problems in the family, integration into the community, hight academic performance and positive school attendance, help a child to avoid delinquent behavior.

      1. Early intervention program starts before the birth of the child and continues until the early years of adolescence.

      2. Intervening with status offenders is for children who are not criminals, because the actions they do are not legal only for minors.

  1. Early prevention programs reduce the number of future criminals nu several times.

    1. Involvement into the early education of the child makes the parents more connected to them, and creates the feeling that children will always find help at home even on the subconscious level.

    2. Positive experience of the early childhood is the guarantee of further success in social relations.

    3. The program of early intervention is successful from the financial aspect.

  2. The importance of early intervention program is strategical, because it aims at eliminating the influence of the negative risk factors.

    1. The early intervention into the child development takes into consideration all possible risk factors that exist and can influence in the most odd combinations the development of the character.

    2. Intervention programs with status offenders give teenagers chances for normal life, that will be ruined if they will be put into prisons.

    3. Living according to Christian norms might reduce the rate of violence and delinquency among juveniles.

V. Conclusion

VI. References

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