Sustainability in Change

It is difficult to estimate the importance of sustainability in corporate changes. The changes do not give visible results soon after they are implemented, that is why it is not enough only to make a decision about reforming certain aspects in the company. Implementing of the sustainability plan is the key component of efficient strategic management. The overall sustainability plan of the company consists of numerous aspects, which shows that any initiative is focused on attaining stable results in all spheres of business life.

First, strategic managers reform the usage of human and energy resources in order to enhance the results from changes and balance the overall situation. The second issue that needs to be mentioned is that sustainability is closely connected with the company’s reputation among the customers and the competitors. Being stable and developing at the same time is a challenge for executives. Bonini and Bové (2014) claim that approximately 34 of the organizations consider sustainability programs to be their priority, and their number is constantly increasing, which supports the idea that changed are not possible without sustainability. In addition, the companies often change their inner policy to meet the requirements of sustainability programs. The reputation of the organization is usually improved by changes in the style of management. The main issue in such changes is creating the image that both clients and competitors can believe in their partner and service provider. The combination of high quality of products with technological innovations is the optimal example that shows the importance of sustainability in the attempts of the company to keep pace with the progress (Lillis, Szwejczewski 2015).

The number of initiatives that companies implement to be stable and trustworthy supports the claim that sustainability is the important issue in the policy of changes. Without it strategic planning of the company’s development is impossible.

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