Scenario Analysis in Public Health

In the situation described in the example there is a vivid problem of overuse of Valium. The potential problem refers to public mental health within the community. From anthropological point of view, it is necessary to mention peculiarities of the nation’s mentality. In this example, the majority of Latin Americans are active and irritable people. That is why being nervous is a usual state for them. This is a reason why there are so many collocations in Spanish language that refer to nerves.

Though, there is a negative side of the sedative medicines. Valium is not strong and harmful; its consumption can be partially explained by the tradition. However, there are many other sedatives that are sold by prescriptions, but it is not difficult to receive one in the hospital. This love for Valium on national basis can lead to mass epidemic of hysteria and drug addiction. People under sedative pillows do not want to work and live at all. A long-tem use can lead to the destruction of the nervous system.

Living in a calm dream does not create a boost for people to go out of their houses and make their country better. Lack of motion leads to mass obesity, which is a serious health problem. In the end the situation turns out to be post-apocalyptic in a certain way. Emotionless calm people lay in their beds, the state is deteriorating and Valium is considered the center of the universe. In it unnecessary to say that nothing is worse than overuse of medicines, especially when there is no real need in them. Otherwise the results might be awful.


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